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Producing energy today has never been easier and more convenient.
Thanks to the reduction of costs, solar (photovoltaic) energy production systems are the solution to the economic problems related to energy in our country.
Finenergy provides assistance and advice for everything related to the design, construction and installation of photovoltaic systems.
The photovoltaic system is a device capable of directly transforming sunlight into electricity, exploiting the so-called photoelectric effect. The principle of operation is based on the properties that some semiconductor materials appropriately treated such as silicon supply electricity when they are affected by solar radiation. The photovoltaic system is based on photovoltaic modules connected in series or in parallel.
Each module is equipped with a diode (a device that allows the passage of current in only one direction) to prevent the module from transforming itself from a generator to an energy sink. If alternating current is required, it is necessary to insert a device called inverter capable of transforming direct current into alternating current.
Photovoltaic systems are generally classified with the qualification of "In Rete" or "In Isola" systems.
A system is defined as "In Network" when it is directly connected to the electricity distribution network. It is the most widespread type of system and is made up of: solar panels, inverters, fixing systems, control systems, wiring and accessories.
An “In Isola” plant sees the production of electricity in situations where the network is not present, such as isolated places such as mountain huts, lighting and road signs, boats, etc.

The advantages offered by photovoltaics can be summarized in:

  • Saving on fossil fuels;

  • Reduced maintenance, as they have no moving mechanical parts;

  • Elimination of electricity losses, given the proximity to the end user;

  • Possibility of forecasting the production of energy;

  • Quick installation;

  • Plant power easily modifiable;

  • Absence of any type of polluting emission.


With current regulations, photovoltaic systems take advantage of the FER1 contribution (old Energy Account type) for systems greater than 20 kW or 55% tax relief for systems of less than 20 kW.





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