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Ups and downs all investment sectors are subject to fluctuating trends. Energy, primary asset for our survival, is an element of which the world is voracious. Our daily lives are energy consumption, in fact a question that many analysts try to answer every day is:


Where to invest in the future?


The question was answered by the Bank of New York Mellon which published, already in 2017, the annual report "Alternatives 2017" in which some forms of investment alternative to the usual stocks and bonds were identified. According to BNY Mellon, one of the new ways to earn is to invest in the Energy market, a sector in net growth characterized by a good return.


This is the reason that prompted us to develop and invest in Production Plants Powered by Renewable Sources (Photovoltaic - Biogas)


In Italy, with the introduction in 2005 of incentives to encourage the spread of renewable sources, over 500,000 plants were built. With the slowdown of the primary market, due to the abolition of the Energy Bill, the era of the so-called Market 2.0 therefore began, that is the construction of the GRID PARTY plants, without the support of the State Incentives. Basically we produce Energy and sell it as a Primary Good on the Free market or at GME (Italian Energy Exchange)


The FINENERGY Group makes use of the VISOLIS FUND TRUST Fund which will allow you to invest on time or buy shares of our plants, to obtain a very advantageous Energy or Financial Profit Stable over time, opening a safe umbrella on your capital.



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