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Dynamic finenergy brand, it contains the experiences of people and companies operating in the energy sector for over thirty years.

Finenergy was born because energy

it is not for everyone but it is for everyone.

The founders of Finenergy have invested capital and resources on the national and international territory in market and product research, analyzing all the technical, economic and energy aspects of the main industrial and tertiary activities.
This placed Finenergy immediately, in a position of reference for national and international customers and investors, through the industrial companies connected to it.
The competitive scenario, with which companies today must measure themselves, is characterized by an evolved and geographically extended market; Finenengy gives a precise and direct response linked to the technical and operational skills of the ruling class with university excellence and to the presence on the territory with branches and production companies.
The Group's activities are divided into the sectors of design and construction of electrical and thermal production plants, powered by renewable sources. Electrical distribution networks.



Valid elements of differentiation are the values on which the group bases its approach to the market: flexibility, competence and availability result in a strong involvement with the customer, from the initial phase of analyzing the objectives to that of defining capable system architectures to successfully obtain the expected technical and economic results.


Being able to leverage the experience gained in the course of countless works successfully finalized and thanks to the value of competence, the constant commitment of its staff, Finenergy concretely supports companies in the RENEWABLE ENERGIES Business approach while maintaining the right balance between cost containment and a high return on investment.


To all this must be added the environmental profile of which Finenergy is particularly sensitive by investing in research and projects aimed at an environmental integration of the works and a plan for the disposal of the generators at the end of their life.


Energy for life


The challenge in the energy market today is to be able to respond to the need for increasing safety and guarantee with technological solutions that are reliable and effective.
The management logic of the entire production chain requires the adoption of accurate controls of the individual phases with integrated and coordinated solutions.

Finenergy, starting from supporting customers in ENERGY Governance , accompanies companies in the Investment / Savings process towards system architectures based on the concepts of self-production combined with the efficiency of the systems

with the addition of any energy recovery on the production lines.


Objective: The guarantee of the final result.

In this regard, Finenergy has developed a global " VALORE ENERGIA" offer designed for each individual customer, with methods capable of providing effective proposals and clear answers on the opportunity that the energy sector offers.

" VALORE ENERGIA" is an intervention methodology, developed to quickly provide an analysis of costs / benefits as well as the identification of the final achievable value.

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