The FINENERGY Group has built over 300 energy production plants in Italy and abroad. The fundamental aspects with which he has always built are Correctness and Consistency of the results. In many cases there were no contracts awarded, perchéla financial prudence and aim not to disappoint the expectations, have placed Finenergy into the background, compared to proposals with ephemeral results, excellent on paper, but not achievable.


PV Poli 464 kwp
Pv polycrystalline power 464 Kwp - 527.600 Kwh/y Production - Bologna
PV Poli & CIGS 440 kwp
Pv polycrystalline & CIGS power 440 Kwp - 520.400 Kwh/y Production - Florence
BIOGAS@100 100 kw Campania
Biogas 100 kW breeding sewage new technology - In the authorization phase - Caserta
PV Poli 197 kwp
Pv polycrystalline power 197 Kwp - 258.200 Kwh/y Production - Siena
PV Poli 198 kwp and Battery
Pv polycrystalline with 50 kW batteries - Power 198 Kwp - 346.500 Kwh/y Production - Malindi Kenya
PV Poli 50 kwp
Pv polycrystalline power 50 Kwp - 58.800 Kwh/y Production - Pistoia
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PV Industrial
Installations for industries
PV Private
Installations for private homes
PV Hotel
Facilities for Hotels and Farm Holidays
PV Public
Installations for public municipalities
PV Parking
Private parking installations
PV Hospitals
Installations for hospitals
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PV Parking

Private parking installations