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Facilitates Payment by Delaying it

To encourage farms to purchase biogas plants, an alternative formula was born:

Rent to Buy

Rent to buy is a lease of the property with which, at the end of the payment of the last installment, the beneficiary enters into possession of the property.

It is NOT required

Guarantees , Mortgages, Bank Castelletti,

Personal / Company guarantees

Terms of deferred payment:


• The farm must not be in a state of insolvency

• In the event that for reasons not due by the farm the payment by the GSE of the incentives ceases, the farm is not due to pay the annual installment that will be paid by the FINBIO.

• In the event that the economic yield of the plant increases or decreases during the deferred payment period, the differences will be credited or charged as a percentage in equal parts between the Agricultural Company and FINBIO

• In the event that the raw material (sewage or other supplied by the farm 100%) fails partially or totally during the deferred payment period, FINBIO will purchase the missing quantity on the market and will be charged on the annual revenue of the farm Agricola.

• Surface right in the area where the plant falls.

• Right of access to the plant by public road with easements for the deferred payment period.

• Transfer of credit from the GSE

• Payment of the deposit at the time of the verbal feasibility of the Entities.

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